Minor in Global Cinema


The Global Cinema Minor is housed in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. This five-course interdisciplinary minor enables students to explore the past and present of global cinema in its aesthetic, economic, historical, linguistic, literary, and social contexts. Students select a flexible, rigorous, and exciting course of study of the place of film within and across human cultures.

The minor aims to provide undergraduates with grounding in the history of cinema’s development across the world as well as current trends and developments in global film production. The minor places a particular emphasis on the development of students’ critical judgment and written expression. Undergraduate students majoring in any academic unit are eligible.


One (1) of the following:
ART 159 The Film Experience
ENGL 142 Film Analysis
One (1) of the following:
CMPL 143 Introduction to Global Cinema
IDST 256 Global Cinema

Three (3) other elective classes in film studies [see full list of courses]

Extracurricular involvement is a key part of the minor as well. There are always numerous film-related events on campus each semester, from film series to roundtables and lectures. The Global Cinema Minor plugs students into a larger campus community, allowing them to meet other cinephiles and to interact with both visiting and UNC film faculty (including filmmakers) in a direct, personal way.