The interdisciplinary minor consists of five courses:
One (1) of the following:
ART 159 The Film Experience
ENGL 142 Film Analysis
One (1) of the following:
CMPL 143 History of Global Cinema
IDST 256 Global Cinema
Three (3) electives from at least two (2) different departments, chosen from the list below.
Electives for the Cinema Minor
AAAD 250 The African American in Motion Pictures
AMST 268 American Cinema and American Culture
AMST 336 Native Americans in Film
ARAB 453 Film, Nation, and Identity in the Arab World
ART 290 Topics in Visual Arts*
ASIA 224 Introduction to Iranian Cinema
ASIA 231 Bollywood Cinema
ASIA 235 Israeli Cinema: Gender, Nation, and Ethnicity
ASIA 435 The Cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa
ASIA/CMPL 379 Cowboys, Samurai, and Rebels in Film and Fiction
CHIN 244 Introduction to Modern Chinese Culture through Cinema
CHIN 464 The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Film
CMPL 144 Global Art Cinema since 1960
CMPL 220 Global Authors: Jane Austen*
CMPL 223 Global Authors: Cervantes*
CMPL 225 Global Authors: Shakespeare in World Cinema*
CMPL 227 Global Authors: The Middle Ages in World Cinema*
CMPL 254 Horror and the Global Gothic: Film, Literature, Theory
CMPL 255 The Feast in Film, Fiction, and Philosophy
CMPL 280 Film Genres
CMPL 272 Global Queer Cinema*
CMPL 281/SLAV 281 Holocaust Cinema in Eastern Europe
CMPL 282/RUSS 281 Russian Literature in World Cinema
CMPL 375 New Wave Cinema: Its Sources and Its Legacies
CMPL 382 Film and Nature
CMPL 420 Film, Photography, and the Digital Image
CMPL 452 The Middle Ages in Film*
CMPL 463 Cinema and Surrealism
CMPL 494 Cinematic Uses of the Essay Form
CMPL 452 The Middle Ages in Film*
CMPL/EURO/FREN 332H Cultural Identities in European Cinema
COMM 131 Introduction to Writing for the Screen and Stage*
COMM 230 Audio/Video/Film Production/Writing
COMM 330 Introduction to Writing Film/TV*
COMM 331 Writing the Short Film*
COMM 332 Writing the Feature Film I*
COMM 412 Critical Theory
COMM 431 Advanced Audio Production
COMM 452 Film Noir
COMM 534 Narrative Production
COMM 543 World Media History
COMM 546 History of Film I, 1895 to 1945
COMM 547 History of Film II, 1945 to Present
COMM 550 American Independent Cinema
COMM 551 Hitchcock and the Sign
COMM 635 Documentary Production
COMM 653 Experimental Video
COMM 654 Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Composing
COMM 681 Contemporary Film Theory
COMM 682 History of the Moving Image: Pasts, Presents, Futures
COMM 683 Moving-Image Avante-Gardes and Experimentalism
COMM/GERM 275 History of German Cinema
COMM/WMST 656 Women and Film
ENGL 143 Film and Culture
ENGL 280 The Western
ENGL 380 Film History
ENGL 381 Literature and Cinema
ENGL 389 Major Film Directors
ENGL 410 Documentary Film
ENGL 465 Difference, Aesthetics, and Affect*
ENGL 580 Film: Contemporary Issues
ENGL 663 Postcolonial Theory
ENGL 680 Film Pedagogy/Theory
ENGL 682 Film History*
FREN 373 French New Wave Cinema: Its Sources and Its Legacies
FREN 388 History of French Cinema*
FREN 398 Cultural Identities in European Cinema*
FREN 505 African Francophone Cinema*
GERM 265 Hitler in Hollywood: Cinematic Representations of Nazi Germany
GERM 281 Freedom and Terror: Modern Philosophy from Kant to Arendt
GERM 394 Topics in German Cinema: Contemporary German & Austrian Cinema*
GERM 880 Gender and Sexuality in German Cinema: From Weimar to the Present*
GERM/WMST 250 Women in German Cinema
HIST 301 Screening History: Africa at the Movies
HIST 490 History of Film in the West*
HUNG 280 Hungarian Cinema since World War II
ITAL 333 Italian Film and Culture
ITAL 335 Special Topics in Italian Film
ITAL 340 Italian America in Literature and Film
JAPN 490 Topics in Japanese: Japanese Culture through Film and Literature*
POLI 50 First Year Seminar: Movies and Politics*
PORT 388 Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Identity in Film
RUSS 281 Russian Literature in World Cinema
SPAN 361 Spanish Film and Culture*
SPAN 362 The Quest for Identity in Contemporary Spain*

*This course does not yet count automatically towards the minor. You should contact via email the Global Cinema Studies program director for official approval. In your message, include your PID number, full course details including course number, title, the semester in which you took the course, and the name of the instructor.